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Treatment for Back Pain and Disorders in Connecticut

The back is made up of numerous bones, ligaments, muscles, discs, tendons and cartilage. When any of these components are knocked out of sync the result is that of back pain. Practicing good behavior such as exercising regularly, maintaining a good diet, lifting heavy objects properly and sitting up straight can all minimize back problems for people of all ages. However, when you choose not to take proper care of yourself chances are you will find yourself faced with back pain at some point in your life. Some of the more common causes of back pain and a number of back issues are poor posture, a variety of unusual movements, injury and overexertion.

Here at Litchfield County Orthopedic and Spine our dedicated team of back doctors and specialists are committed to helping all our patients suffering with back pain to be able to get back on their feet again.*

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Quality Spine Care

The highly skilled and experienced team of back doctors and specialists here at Litchfield County Orthopedic and spine strive to provide customized treatment plans to all our clients that can provide relief from back pain and help patients to move on with their lives over time. *


Our back doctors are patient-focused and will perform an initial exam and consultation to determine the root source of your back problem in their efforts to design a personalized treatment plan specific to your individual needs.

Industry Leaders

Litchfield County Orthopedic and Spine is truly an industry leader which has been recognized as one of the most prestigious clinics for the care and treatment of complex back pain and disorders.

Diagnosing Your Back Problem and Pain

Back pain comes in a number of forms. From an aching muscle to shooting pain as well as burning and stabbing sensations, back pain affects people of all ages. Some forms of back pain can also worsen when individuals lift, bend, twist, and even stand or walk. Back pain often times radiates down the leg as well. Since back pain can be quite common, it can be difficult to determine when it is necessary to consult with a back doctor. Back pain will typically improve with various types of home remedies within just a few weeks’ time. However, it that is not the case, it may be necessary to consult with a doctor if any of the following occur:

  • Pain persists well past 4 weeks
  • Pain causes numbness, weakness or tingling in the legs
  • Pain radiates down one or both legs
  • Pain located in lower back and spreads to upper thigh
  • Pain is accompanied by weight loss
  • Pain is accompanied by high fever

When you present with any of these signs or a combination of them, it is important you schedule a consultation and neurological examination with one of our back doctors. During your consultation they will discuss personal and family medical history as well as any details you can share regarding your existing back problems.

Treatment Options for Back Problems

Here at Litchfield Orthopedic and Spine we offer a number of specialized treatment options for back problems and back pain. Some of the more popular treatment options our back doctors and specialists will prescribe include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pain management
  • Laser therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy
  • Over the counter or prescription medications
  • Cortisone injections
  • Radiofrequency neurotomy
  • Implanted nerve stimulators
  • Surgery

Our team of back doctors and specialists prefer to focus on conservative treatment plans and those that are non-invasive. If, however, conservative treatment options do not resolve the problem there may be a need for surgery. Our back doctors will exhaust all conservative non-invasive treatments before considering surgery as an option to help get patients back up and living without pain again.*

Consultation for Back Pain and Problems

Here at Litchfield County Orthopedic and Spine we have come to be known as your go to clinic for all your back pain and problems. Our team of dedicated back doctors and specialists are steadfast in our commitment to help our patients find relief from their pain and, over time, be able to resume their everyday lives without having to endure chronic back pain. * Our team works together from your initial consultation on out to your final treatment plan and are committed to the wellbeing and overall health of our patients. To consult with one of our doctors simply reach out to our staff today.