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Thankfully I am currently in great health. 7 years ago today Dr. Garden performed back surgery on me. That surgery relieved not only the pain and nerve damage I was experiencing at that moment, but pain I lived with for years prior. I stretch and perform a series of core exercises (almost) daily and am always thankful for the excellent care I received. I live an active lifestyle playing baseball, golf, tennis, and skiing. I am able to run and coach my kids’ sports. The life that surgery allows me to live is a blessing and I am grateful for it. Thank you for all you do.
-B. Z.
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woman playing with dog
My back and leg pain were so bad that even the simplest household chores were difficult. Some days, I couldn't even stand or walk. For years, I tried treating the pain with medication, injections, and physical therapy- all with limited results. With a full-time job and 4 active grandchildren, I knew I needed a permanent solution. I had my back surgery a year ago and have been pain free since. Now I can enjoy long walks and play time with my dog and I am back to being grandma again! Thank you to Dr. Garden, Kayla, and the entire staff of LCOS.
Donna P.
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Two and a half months ago I practically crawled into Dr. Garden’s office in excruciating pain from a herniated disc. I was thinking I would never be able to walk again. All hope for returning back to work and living a normal life was gone, but Dr. Garden and his compassionate, caring staff assured me that all hope was not gone. Five days after my visit, I went into surgery and, when it was done, I felt instant relief! I was so excited that I was able to walk into the office for my follow up visit pain free! I was able to go on a surprise Mother’s Day trip to Vegas, planned by my son, something I would have never seen myself doing. Dr. Garden helped me get my pep back in my step.
Crystal W.
“Extraordinary!”- the only word I can think of to describe Dr. Garden, Assistant Kayla, and the staff at Litchfield County Orthopedic and Spine. In May of 2018, I had a double level fusion for two herniated discs in my neck. This was causing tingling, numbness, and weakness in my left arm- completely affecting my quality of life. From my first visit to my last visit, this team was extraordinary. Everything was explained to me and they helped with the insurance company. The talent in the operating room is second to none! I felt more like family then just another patient. I can’t thank them enough!!! Since my surgery, I have returned to everyday life without missing a beat. No more pain, tingling or weakness. I feel great and would be happy to answer any questions about my surgery. Just call Dr. Garden’s office- my phone number is on file. You will not be disappointed if you put your body in their hands.
Keven Leavitt Jr.
Bantam CT.
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My struggles with neck pain had caused me much reluctance to travel. Dr. Garden performed a two-level cervical spine surgery on me in August 2018 and now that I am fully healed my son took me to Paris! He took this shot me in front of the Eiffel Tower! What a better testimonial to share that I was able to be on an airplane for 15 hours and sleep in hotel beds without discomfort! I had struggled with those things for over 10 years!
Joann Fenty.
Bantam CT.
Dr. Garden and his entire staff are absolutely amazing! I was in the O.R. in just two weeks after my first appointment. Six short weeks later and I feel the best I have in years. Dr. Garden got me ready to go just in time for my first race of the 2019 season. Not only did they go above and beyond to insure my surgery was successful, but they also took extra steps and care in my procedure to anticipate some post op healing issues they knew I would encounter due to my body structure. They are truly specialists in their field of work. Dr. Garden’s Certified Physician Assistant, Kayla Germano is amazing. She took the extra time to offer her personal and professional advice in adjusting my physical training programs for the future. A very genuine, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced team. Dr. Garden’s Litchfield medical team and office staff has made this entire experience a pleasure to be their patient.
M. Michaud
After suffering with horrific back pain for over a year, and trying several conservative treatments, (spinal injections, epidurals, physical therapy and 3 chiropractors) I finally met with Dr. Garden who was very well respected in his field and had surgically treated two friends successfully. I was immediately impressed by his warm and friendly demeanor. He explained the severity of my problems in a manner that I could understand without feeling rushed. I needed to have spinal surgery for several problems including arthritis, spinal stenosis and herniated discs. After having an L2-L5 fusion and a laminectomy, I’m happy to report that after six weeks, I’ve resumed almost all of my normal activities including walking two miles a day. I’m looking forward to returning to work next month after the required three-month recuperation period. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Garden and his very caring staff. He gave me back the ability to walk again pain free.
Leslie M.
My life was upside down in unimaginable pain from a C6-C7 disc herniation that Dr. Garden diagnosed. I could barely take care of myself or my children. I couldn’t exercise anymore and my job was getting more difficult to do because of the pain and numbness in my left arm and hand. I wasn’t myself and I just wanted my life back. From the moment I encountered Dr. Garden and his incredibly gracious and competent office staff, I was taken care of. Dr. Garden never made me feel rushed or that he didn’t have enough time for me. ALL of my questions were answered- from surgical procedure options to non-surgical options to insurance questions. The office staff made the surgery booking process so easy and they communicated well with the surgical facility where I had my procedure done. Nothing was overlooked and everything was well organized and communicated. My surgery was a complete success! The pain left me immediately and the numbness in my arm and hand resolved within five days post-op. The follow-up with my recovery was very thorough and I always felt comfortable knowing I could reach out to the office at any time. There aren’t enough words to convey my sincere gratitude toward Dr. Garden and his staff for their efficiency, hard work, thoughtfulness and compassion. They gave me my life back. I highly recommend Dr. Garden and his staff without any reservation.
Nancy M. Banffy
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
I just wanted to let Dr. Garden know how well I’ve been doing since my surgeries. When I first came to his office last December, I could barely walk from the waiting room to the office. Now, ten months later, I’ve just returned from vacation in the south of France, where I was able to walk up and down steep cobblestoned streets and narrow passageways. Please share this with Dr. Garden and thank him.
Martin Vigdor, Ph.D.
Bridgewater, CT
I would highly recommend Dr Garden. He is a very caring person. He is going to fuse L1-L2 in my back in about 1 week. I am looking forward to having my back pain gone. I have heard only very good things about Dr. Garden. Another doctor said that he is who they would send their family members to. If you need to see a good spine surgeon, make an appointment with him and judge for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Also, the girls in the office are very helpful and I have never had to wait in the office for very long.
Terrie S.
Dr. Garden gave me a SI joint (right) fusion on December 27, 2011. It is a procedure that has come back into favor, using a new implant called an IFUSE that can be seen at SI Bone. The website explains (the procedure) in detail with four patient interviews. Dr Garden has an exceptional personality and absolutely loves his profession. He wants his patients to have the best outcome possible. I had my first post-op x-ray yesterday and everything is going great. I will be back to work in four weeks. It is a pleasure having a surgeon that I feel comfortable to sit down and talk with. Thanks!
family on a boat pulling rope
On the morning of Friday, June 8, 2018, following a week of mixing thirteen 80 lb. bags of concrete, I awoke to a sudden and severe burning pain in my lower back that radiated down the front of my left leg. It was so intense and sudden that I nearly passed out. I saw my primary physician that morning who tentatively diagnosed a back strain. By Monday, besides the paralyzing pain, I realized I also had numbness of my inner lower leg, severe weakness in the thigh and could barely support weight on that leg. I immediately scheduled an MRI, then called Dr. Garden’s office who set up an appointment for later that week with Kayla.
You see, this was not my first experience with either spinal issues or Dr. Garden. Ten years earlier, Dr. Garden performed surgery on my lower neck to treat two ruptured discs that had paralyzed my right arm. That time it took seven weeks, a chiropractor, two neurologists, consultation with a world renown neurosurgeon from Columbia University, a myriad of tests, physical therapy and an unnecessary progression from severe pain to paralysis of my arm before I finally found Dr. Garden. He was the only one who knew immediately what had to be done. He had me on the table within a few days and gave me full use of my arm again!
So, this time I wasn’t messing around. I was examined on Thursday by Kayla, Dr. Garden’s very talented PA, who immediately recognized the seriousness of my condition and sent me directly to see Dr. Garden, who was at another hospital where he was on lunch break between seeing other patients. Dr. Garden again responded with insight, urgency and compassion, rearranging his schedule to accommodate me, and doing all that was necessary to get me to surgery as soon as possible (even though Kayla was about to have her wedding and Dr. Garden was about to take vacation). Seven days later he and Kayla performed extensive surgery on my lower spine to free up a crunched left spinal nerve at L3-4. Within 8 weeks I was practically back to normal. My reflexes and strength have returned to my left leg and today I enjoy better back health than I had before June 8th.
Here I am back to the activities I enjoy most, sailing and playing with my grandchildren!
James Lawless, DVM.
Cornwall On Hudson, NY
Dr. Garden is the best anyone could ever ask for. Not only is he up-to-date on all the latest procedures, but his bedside manner is amazing. He truly makes you feel like you are his sole patient. This is the kind of man and doctor that will call you whenever / wherever if you have an immediate issue. This includes while he is home eating dinner or on vacation. (It’s sad that in this day and age, this is unheard of- not only in a regular GP but a surgeon? Amazing.) I must add to this that he has performed surgery on my cervical spine four times and I am here and healthy. I trust him with my life! Thank you, Dr. Garden, for being the kind of surgeon and man that we should all strive to be like!